Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rev Kay's 25th

Last Sunday was the 25th anniversary of Kay Ashby's ordination to the priesthood. We had a grand celebration, with music, lasagne and a decorated cake. Friends from all over (including the Bishop and a lot of clergy) attended.

We tried to keep the whole thing secret. Kay's husband, Joe Ashby (who is the priest at Grace Episcopal in neighboring Mansfield) organized the whole thing, and the secret almost worked, but at Winter Convocation several people said to her, "I hear the Bishop is visiting you this Sunday." And "I hear you are going to have a grand celebration this weekend." So the cat was out of the bag. For her part, Rev. Kay did a great job of feigning cluelessness all morning on Sunday, even though the trunk of her car was stuffed with paper plates for the dinner and her son just happened to want to visit and stay over night and just happened to bring his saxophone along.

The service itself was Candlemas, which celebrates the arrival of light and life through Jesus Christ and that seems appropriate, considering the impact Rev. Kay has had on our parish.