Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vestry Changes

In an Episcopal parish, the Vestry is the group of lay members who watch over physical, temporal aspects of the parish (such things as roof repairs). At St. Matthew's, we have five Vestry members, who are elected for three-year terms. A Vestry member cannot be re-elected until he/she has been out of office for a year.

The Vestry elects its own officers: Senior Warden (the chair-person of the vestry), Junior Warden (who acts as vice-chair, and who has special responsibility for building maintenance), and Secretary. The parish also has a Treasurer, who is not necessarily a member of the Vestry.

The two members who are leaving Vestry are Allan Andersen and Judith Ream. Many thanks to both of you for your service these past three years.

Our Vestry for 2016 is
Curtis Allen, Secretary
Erin Fuller
Mike McKinley, Senior Warden
Sister Nadine
And Shifley, Junior Warden
Dean Glasener is our church Treasurer.