Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Passing of Loretta Gibbs

Loretta Gibbs, mother of David Gibbs, passed away at about 11:30 on Monday night, August 7. The memorial service was held Friday at the church.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

MAC Thanks

Along with seven other churches, we are part of the South Central Mission Area Council (MAC). Recently, we were able to distribute funds to respond to several requests for grant money. Here is a thank-you we received from Mount Vernon:
Your very generous donation to St. Paul's Hot Meals program in Mount Vernon will provide the matiching funds requited to purchase a processed steer, which will supply beef for about five months of meals.
Program changes at Mid Ohio have made meat virtually unavailable to us. This gift is a God-send!!
Sincere Thanks,
Sharon Blaydes

Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Church Website

Today, after about a week of intense work, the new church website went live. I got started on this project when I realized that some of the web links in the old version didn't work any more. Then a visitor commented that she liked the welcoming language, but it was extremely wordy. Then a friend commented that the whole color scheme of the old one was very dreary, especially the picture of the church exterior. Then I realized that the thing simply didn't work on most cell phones.

It's going now, and my main worry is that Google will have trouble indexing it. (That's a common issue.) The main aim of the site is to introduce newcomers to our church, and I think the new design is more appealing.