Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lay Preaching College Attendees

Curt Allen and Dawn Peters attended the diocesan Lay Preaching College at the Church of the Redeemer, Lorain, on May 11 and 12. The purpose of the college is to prepare and oversee people in each parish for the task of preaching and teaching. With lay preachers available, the parish priest can occasionally take a Sunday off from preaching, and the parish gets to hear other voices as well.

There's more to the process than a two-day seminar. Before being licensed, the lay preacher must preach a sample sermon, be critiqued, and be recommended to the diocese. After becoming licensed, there is a series of continuing education events to keep the preacher's skills fresh.

Ann Shelly and Sister Nadine are already licensed preachers, so we will now have four lay preachers.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Youth Group Thanks

Thanks to the youth group for weeding and planting flowers. The two pots of flowers on the steps to the Parish Hall are their creation.

The youth group meets every other Thursday at 4 PM.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Our organist is moving on

Kevin Jacque has been one of our organists for the last ten years. He was still in high school when he began and has played for us through college, veterinary school and now as a professional veterinarian. Kevin and his wife, Ashley, will be moving to Seattle, Washington, in June because Ashley has found a new job there.

Kevin's last Sunday at St. Matthew's will be May 27th. We will miss him greatly as he has been a valuable resource and a good friend.