Thursday, July 20, 2017

Parking Lot Business

Tomorrow we are getting new lighting for the parking lot, which will make winter meetings much safer and more pleasant. The old lighting system was about 40 years old and simply didn't work. Every time someone tried to turn on the lights, the circuit breaker would trip. A local electric contractor is putting in new lights and wiring, the whole thing to be paid for by Capital Campaign funds donated by the members of the Parish.

A little later this summer, the parking lot itself will get repairs and new paving. If you have come by in the middle of the week, you probably have noticed that we gave our next-door neighbor permission for their staff to park on our lot, and the Montessori school in our basement has a regular parade of parents dropping off children and picking them up later. Both groups have agreed to help with the cost of the lot because they get benefit from it and we will make up the balance from the Capital Campaign.