Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How we spent that money

We have seen a lot of changes around the St. Matthew's building, much of it paid for by Capital Campaign money. Here's a list of what we have done recently, and how we paid for it.

Paid with money we contributed to the Capital Campaign

  • New kitchen stove
  • Rewiring to improve safety
  • Exterior door replacement (two of them)
  • New roof
  • Painting half the church exterior

Paid with money from memorial contributions

  • Altar candles (this was a while back)
  • New church organ
  • Signs directing people to our front door

Paid with specially designated money

  • Parking lot repair (David Eisel has been collecting money from people who park here to watch the football games. This fund covered the cost of the first repair cycle.)

Paid from savings

  • General landscaping

Yet to do

We are about halfway through the five-year cycle of the Capital Campaign, and contributions continue to come in. Three more building improvement projects need our attention:
  • Parish Hall floor (Currently it is made of disintegrating asbestos tile. We need to fix that.)
  • Second phase of parking lot repair (The parking lot had gotten really bad, and we need to follow up on this year's patch with a more permanent fix.)
  • Remainder of the exterior painting