Friday, July 17, 2015

New Roof

As I was reorganizing the posts on the church blog, this one seemed out of place there. All the rest of the material is opinion and thoughts, then there was this significant transition item. So I moved it here.

I did a little inspection tour of the new roof on Wednesday evening. They had the shingles off one side and new sheathing down (and just a tiny bit of new shingles so I could see the color). Yesterday was clear and dry, so I hope they made some progress. Today is heavy rain and more on the way, as usual.

The money for this came from the recent Capital Campaign, so it's all money raised by the parish. As we announced previously, when a member sends money to the capital campaign, the Diocese puts 30% of the total toward the new camp and sends 70% of it back to the parish. These checks arrive quarterly, and the most recent one covered the roofing project.

Monday and Tuesday aren't supposed to get much rain, so I hope the roof makes good progress. Last summer we wanted to get some painting done, but no painters were available. The soggy summer meant that nobody could finish the jobs they already had signed contracts for.